Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Local Gems: Cake & Loaf

Nickey and Josie are the spirit and energy behind this new bakery on Dundurn in Hamilton.

If for no other reason, come here for the Nanaimo Bars.   They are addictive, in a very good way.  Made completely from scratch, including the custard centre which is almost always made from a powder, even by home cooks, these bars are the best I have ever had. (Sorry, Mom!)

There are many more reasons to visit. These two young ladies, who met at Niagara College while both were taking the Baking Apprentice course, and reconnected on Facebook, opened Cake & Loaf Bakery  at the end of August in 2011, and have been local favourites ever since. Their passion is centred on local and fresh ingredients and a committment to connecting with a community of local farmers and suppliers.
"If I had to sum up our philosophy" says Josie, "I would say we believe in local and fresh, without messing it up too much!"  They are seriously dedicated to supporting local farmers, and making everything from scratch.
There are several savoury dishes on the menu, prepared by local chef Sarah Guinan, as well as freshly baked breads, vegan specialties, great baked goods and coffee from Detour Coffee.

The proof is in the eating.
Grab a selection of the delectable desserts for your family, for your friends at work, or for yourself. Everything hs been freshly made, with no pre-made additives, from fresh butter, farm eggs and local flour from Oak Manor.

 A favourite with children is the Ginger Crinkle Cookie.

 Imagine a cup of tea and a slab of the Cake & Loaf's  S'mores, - they even make their own graham crackers.

Pecan bars are loaded with nuts.

And the brownies are dense, intense and decadent.

Drop in to this local bakery which is dedicated to the best ingredients, and whose baking is top quality.
And keep an eye out for their summer specials - Ice Cream sandwiches made from freshly homemade ice cream, and individualized picnic baskets for summer excursions, weekend getaways or hostess gifts.

Cake & Loaf Bakery
Nicole Sherman and Josie Rudderham
321 Dundurn St. S.