Monday, November 15, 2010

The Festival of Lights in Niagara Explodes Over The Falls

Photo courtesy of Kenzie
The Niagara Falls annual Festival of Lights had its big opening on Nov. 6th, with a Disney fest to kick off the season. And what a season it will be. In addition to the traditional illuminations along the Parkway, the lighting of the Falls, and the fireworks and concerts, this year there will be a skating rink at the brink of the Falls. Visitors will be able to have an evening skate, watch the Falls in all their blazing glory and see the many illuminations fallside.

Photo by Raistlins Ghost
Illumination of the Falls has been ongoing, more or less regularly, for 140 years. In 1860, a spectacular illumination of the falls celebrated a visit by the Prince of Wales.
Currently a total of twenty-one xenon lights, each with a 76-cm (30 in) diameter, are used to illuminate the Falls in a rainbow of colours. Eighteen are located at the Illumination Tower, beside the Queen Victoria Place and three are located below street level in the gorge opposite the American Falls.
The fireworks over the Falls during the Festival of Light are amazing, boasting two of the largest flags ever reproduced in fireworks, the Canadian and the American.

Photos courtesy of grilled cheese
From now until Jan 6th, visitors to the Falls can enjoy the illuminations, the light displays and the concerts and most of the activities are free. It would be very romantic to go skating by the light of the Falls, or even to snuggle up on a cosy sofa in front of the fireplace in R5 at the Fallsview Casino and have a martini while watching the illuminations. However you want to design your visit during the Festival of Lights - family style, romance style, adventure style - any style will work.

photo courstesy of digital sextant
Watch this clip to see some of the highlights of last year's Festival of Lights.


Marlon said...

Thanks for sharing those pictures. I haven't gone to Niagara Falls but I'm thinking of planning for a trip there whenever I got my Travel Insurance Australia.

Shawn said...

Fantastic. The beautiful and colorful lighting artwork beautifies the entire place.

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Florence Carole said...

When we visited Niagara last year, the kids enjoyed the Festival which features over three million sparkling tree and ground lights. Another event to watch is the fireworks over the Falls.

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Niagra Falls is one of the best spots in the US. I would love to visit this falls and take some photos as well. It is good to experience a new world of excitement with this kind of scenery.

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