Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Likuliku Lagoon Resort is a Fijian Paradise

Paradise Found. Likuliku Lagoon, A Luxury Resort in the remote Mamanuca Islands of Fiji, Embraces you with Comfort.

It’s difficult to leave. The Fiji Islands themselves are impossibly beautiful, but Likuliku makes leaving this isolated South Sea Island a painful experience. The rest of the world seems almost hostile by comparison. No wonder that honeymooners come here in droves to spend the first few weeks of their lives together in sybaritic paradise. It may never be as good again. Sleeping in one of the over-water bures, the only ones in Fiji, is a little like being rocked to sleep by Neptune.

Likuliku has 45 bures all on the ocean. They are elegant and luxurious without being intimidating. And they have everything you might need for a private and revitalizing retreat.

While there’s no TV, there are dvd’s of romantic Fijian music. And somewhat counter intuitively, there’s wifi in all the bures. But Group Genereal Manager Steve Anstey recognizes that the kind of people who come here need their daily connectivity fix. Everything here is top quality.

Even the chefs, Aussies Brett and Chloe, are good to look at as well as being artists of the plate. Their dishes are fresh and locally inspired, with entrees like tuna and veal carpaccio and reef-caught fish, and desserts like rosewater brulee or passion fruit panne cotta.

Amenities are all Pure Fiji, a premium line of products make in the islands. The spa is small but carefully designed, pretty and tranquil. There are water sports galore, sunset cruises and a full gym.

And there’s Hector.
He’s the rare Crested Fijian Iguana found on the island. He’s one of a highly endangered species, and he seems to know he’s important. He’ll pose, with attitude, for photographs, and there are many guests who track his exploits on face book. He’s probably the most famous iguana in the South Pacific.

Too nice to leave. It isn’t made easier when Sala, General Manager, and a trio of handsome Fijians come to the end of the jetty to sing to you and say goodbye.
Check out Likuliku Lagoon Resort here and head for paradise.


James said...


Samie said...

That place looks amazing. It would surely be wonderful to spend a vacation in Likuliku Lagoon Resort. I like that cute little iguana.

Anonymous said...

I'll also jump on the bandwagon and say that the place is stunning. I guess I now know where me and the wife are spending a vacation soon enough.


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