Thursday, March 14, 2013

Doing The Mexican Salsa: Authentic Mexican Cuisine

The journey out to Bucerias was torture - a tedious and uncomfortable bus ride, a possibly dangerous ride with a local, and a long walk caused by incorrectly reading our map.
But it was all good once we arrived at My Mexican Kitchen.

This small and intimate cooking school is run by two gregarious and knowledgeable young men, Travis and Edgar, who pride themselves on teaching local  cuisine as the Mexican mothers and grandmothers would -. basic, local and fresh.  We began by making a large jug of agua fresca from fresh pineapple.  This refreshing drink is served everywhere in Mexico, and can be made from one single fruits, a mixture of fruits, or a combinati0on of fruits and vegetables, like mango and celery, for example.

I thought I knew salsa - but no, I only knew the ubiquitous and delicious pico de gallo that is found on every restaurant table in Mexico.
Travis showed us the basic ingredients - tomatoes, onions, peppers and garlic - and then explained that by switching the type of vegetable, or by changing the prep method, you could create  many different variations of salsa.

Switch the Roma tomatoes  for tomatillos or change the jalapena  peppers for habaneros and the salsa has a new character.  You can use freshly chopped tomatoes, or you can boil the tomatoes and peppers, or roast them.  Voila, a new salsa.
Some cooks add lime juice to their salsa while others add a bit of vinegar.  It is a versatile sauce that can be made to your own personal style.
Together we made agua fresca, chilaquiles  rojo, homemade corn tortillas, quesadillas with potatoes and mushrooms, and Sopes.
We ended with Mexican coffee, pungent with cinnamon and dark piloncillo sugar.

We ate well, learned much about Mexican cuisine and ingredients, and enjoyed good company.
This was a very pleasant way to spend an evening, and I would recommend a night at My Mexican Kitchen to anyone who loves good food and enjoys the communal closeness of a shared table.
My idea of a great vacation experience.

My Mexican Kitchen

Bucerias Art Walk Plaza
#62 Lazaro Cardenas Street, Bucerias
Nayarit, MEXICO 63732
Phone Numbers:
From the US or Canada  011-52-1-322-159-0069
In Mexico, from a land line  045-322-159-0069
In Mexico, from a cell phone  322-159-0069



James said...

Everything looks delicious! Looking forward to trying some alternative salsas.

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