Monday, April 16, 2012

Lunchtime for Butterflies

A Peaceful Place in the Middle of a Busy Tourist Mecca - The Butterfly Conservatory

(Photo courstesy of Barbara Ramsay Orr)
- Need a quiet retreat? A reaffirmation of the beauty of the natural world? A dose of rejeuvenating greenery? Get thee to the Butterfly Conservatory , a totally pleasurable place to visit. Photographers will go crazy here, and kids will be mezmerized.
The Niagara Parks Commission runs this idylic place. There are winding pathways that curve through lush tropical greenery and flowers and, all around you, in the damp and warm air, are over 2000 free-flying butterflies, from more than 65 different species.

(Photo Courtesy of Barbar Ramsay Orr)
Food for the soul, ladies and gentlemen, and total eye candy. Better than meditation for clearing the head. An hour spent here reaffirms the splendor of nature, reminds us that there are wonders to be seen and that the world is good.
There's also a unique gift shop. Be prepared to shed a few layers of clothing - it's warm in here, just as the butterflies like it to be.

(Photograph Courtesy of Barbara Ramsay Orr)

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