Friday, April 27, 2012

Animals Who Steal the Scene: Part Two

Reptiles from Around the World: 

Iguana Hold Your Hand.

I was admiring the odd spotted bark on an ancient tree in  Bermuda when one of the spots moved.  The little guy above was curious and beautiful, and stayed still long enough for me to take his photo before he slithered away.

 He was an anonymous reptile, but in Fiji I met one with a reputation. 

His name is Hector and he’s a rare Crested Fijian Iguana found on the island of Malolo in the Mamanuca Islands of Fiji. He was rescued by the people who work at Likuliku Lagoon Resort on the island and he has attained instant celebrity. Guests spend more time visiting Hector than they do the Spa.  He’s one of a highly endangered species, and he seems to know he’s important. He’ll pose, with attitude, for photographs, and there are many guests who track his exploits on face book. He’s probably the most famous iguana in the South Pacific.

 And here's another Fijian iguana, from the nature reserve in Fiji.  This British tourist was a bit nervous about letting him climb on his shoulder.

This next one is a resident of Kaua'i and he was artful enough to pose on a flower of bright red, his exact complimentary colour.  Obviously an experienced poser.

And this fellow with the black tongue lives at the aquarium in Napier, on the South Island in New Zealand.

These little guys may be cold blooded, but they sure have a lot of character, and they seem to love the camera.
Keep an eye out for them on your travels.
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