Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The Long Cruise: Follow Me! -Day one of the Atlantic Crossing

Day Eleven: MS RotterdamCrossing the Atlantic 

 Today we are really at sea, with no land in sight, and the next stop the Bahamas. There are many activities on board, but few of them are our kind if thing - you can play bingo, learn to make marzipan, try your hand at the ring toss, do the Wii challenge, learn about wine, or attend some lectures about sea life or Christopher Columbus’ voyages to the new world.
But we are lazy and spend most of our day reading, lolling by the pool on the back deck or talking with people we have met.

I forced myself to work out for 40 minutes in the gym, but it is not such a difficult thing - the view of the sun and water from the treadmill makes it easy.
Dinner is at 7:45, and we joined some friends for coffee afterwards and then attended the show in the Queen’s Lounge at ten, a tribute group to Frankie Valli and The Four Season’s - Bob’s favourite music from his teenage years. They were surprisingly good.
Each night our steward, Mufti, leaves a towel sculpture on our bed. Tonight he outdid himself!

A monkey!

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