Wednesday, November 4, 2009

Day Two: Monte Carlo, Monaco

Day Two:
Breakfast was delivered to our room at eight and we were ready to enjoy this little principality that we had visited on our honeymoon many years ago. The weather was perfect for touring - bright and sunny and low seventies. Because it was All Saints Day as well as Sunday, all the shops were closed, but the casino was open, the Café de Paris was in full swing and the Ferraris were wheeling along the Corniche. We walked
from the ship along the boardwalk, past all the fabulous yachts, up to the casino and the Hotel de Paris, where lunch would have been 160 euros each, before wine, tax and tip. But such a beautiful hotel! Isn’t it the one where they filmed “French Kiss”?

We had an excellent coffee at the Café de Paris, watched the French femmes et hommes parade past, then wandered through the back streets and back to the ship.

We settled into the Queen‘s lounge with a cold beer, chatted with some fellow Canadians, and watched Monaco disappear.
Dinner was excellent. We watched the prerequisite broadway show in the Queen,s Room, and then went to bed.

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