Saturday, November 14, 2009

The Long Cruise: Follow Me! - Steaming for tne Bahamas

MS RotterdamDay Fourteen: The Midway Point
There’s approximately 1790 miles to Bermuda, and almost the same distance to the Canary Islands. We are very definitely at sea.
We had breakfast delivered to our stateroom and ate on the balcony. The temperatures are warm, but there are rain clouds. We saw a perfect rainbow that ended in the ocean way out on the horizon.
I did my 5 K in the gym, then Bob and I did a mile around the promenade deck. The day began with clouds, but the benefit of a ship is that it can steer away from clouds and into sunny skies, which our captain did, and by ten the blue skies were back.
One thing that has really impressed me on this cruise is the service. Stewards and servers are unfailingly pleasant and quick, and very well trained. There’s a feeling of teamwork and a sense that this is a happy ship. The dining room captains are observant and smart, moving guests to the right tables, pairing up suitable guests at larger tables, saving tables for two for old romantics like Bob and I. And since the first day, they have addressed us by our name.
There is only one little baby on board, one of the officer‘s wives is sailing with her husband, and has brought along their little 17 month old boy. He is so sweet - makes me long for a hug from Riley or Lulu - and his mother has a sort of harness and tether that she has on him to make sure he doesn’t get away from her.
We dined with our friends in the upper level of the dining room, and then returned to our stateroom,

which had been cleaned and tidied in our absence with the covers turned down and the daily programme for the morning, along with two chocolates and a new towel animal placed on the bed.

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