Monday, April 16, 2012

To Paris, With Heartfelt Love

A New Love Affair with Paris

I fell in love with Paris on my honeymoon and have blamed the city's hold on me to the 'cloud of matrimony'. But I went back a few weeks ago, and found my heart stolen again. And I've been married for more years than I care to admit, so the 'cloud', though still there of course, is no longer fogging my judgement.
It's true love, and I realize I am not the only suitor paying hommagae to the lovely lady. Right now, Paris is so hot she sizzles.

Midnight in Paris, The Paris Wife, The Greater Journey - all recent books and movies that have explored Paris - are part of the reason. But the basic attraction of this city just doesn't go away.
Primarily I love the sidewalk cafes. Such a cliche, I know, but here in the streets of Paris I can sit alone, with a book, or my journal or sketch book, nursing a coffee, and no one will disturb me. Not only that, but the shifting landscape of Parisiennes and tourists is unendingly fascinating.

Paris is the only city I know where I can do nothing and be completely entertained.

As a food lover, of course I find Paris is palate pleasing. I spend as much time in the food halls at the Galleries Lafayette and at the Bon Marche as I do at the art museums. Food is not just displayed with artistry, it is treated with loving respect and a bowl of perfect eggs is arranged with an almost erotic precision. Mustard, in all its many colours and varieties, verges on an obsession.

And there is so much more. But on a chilly and damp Fall night in Canada, with frozen Pizza on the menu for dinner, I can't help but heave a sigh and long for Paris.


James said...

I can't believe it took you so long to get back there!

Balibaba said...
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Balibaba said...

Right, like you have ever had frozen pizza, unless of course you made it.